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Text about Maxim Piatrul by Pavel Voinitsky

Maxim Piatrul


“This is provocation…”


One of the ways, which the young artists are trying to attract attention to their persons, is outspoken epatage of viewers. Erotic series of sculptural objects, worked up by Maksim, presents this tendency in the most pure sight. Young artist wants to amaze audience by the works of art on tabooed themes, by this, per se, conceptual gesture he keeps at a distance from “regulated” and conformist generations and declares his own creative radicalism.

In spite of immediately evident substantial epatage, works of Maksim in their conceptual part are not simple.

Often he presents his ideas more fundamentally and complicated (“taiji”) through making them simple and easy to understand.

Provocation is not the aim of the author, it is just a way, not a single one , but not leaving indifferent, with the help of which he involves his potential spectator-critic into polemics. Further when a loud and tense contact with viewers is established, a variety of plastic values is found at a closer examine.


Pavel Voinitsky, PhD, curator, art critic, artist